Indigenous approaches
Indigenous and place-based cultures have held nature at the centre of life and health for millennia. This theme recognises that continuing Indigenous traditions have a central role in outdoor healthcare of all kinds.
Nature-based interventions across the continuum of care
Nature-based interventions build health and wellbeing with wide-ranging target groups. This theme recognises a role for outdoor healthcare in health promotion, from prevention through early intervention, treatment and continuing care.
Trauma-informed nature-based interventions
Evidence-informed nature-based interventions are safe and culturally appropriate. This theme recognises that safe outdoor healthcare is trauma-informed, and seeks to ‘do no harm’.
Coming together to strengthen our work
While nature-based interventions may look different on the outside, they are likely more similar than different. This theme recognises the connections between nature-based practices of all kinds, and the shared bodies of research that underpin outdoor healthcare of all kinds.
Human-nature connections
Humans are nature, and natural ecosystems are our evolutionary home. This theme recognises the importance of links between humans and natural environments, and outdoor healthcare as a place for reconnection.
Restoring people and planet
Most natural environments and most species around the world are experiencing a deterioration in living conditions. This theme recognises a role for outdoor healthcare in restoring humans and natural environments, for the health of all.
Lunchtime “Stories of Practice”
Around Australia and the world, nature-based interventions come in many forms. This theme invites ‘stories of practice’ from practitioners of various outdoor healthcare modalities.
Outdoor health
Humans are drawn to nature for health, wellbeing and healing. This theme recognises the benefits of heading outdoors for human health, and enhancing our health systems by adding the outdoors.