Webinar #2 – Continuum of Care

Next week we’re super pleased to be sharing a taste of 2 evidence-informed nature-based healing modalities: Forest therapy and Adventure therapy, by two highly esteemed USA colleagues – Dr Robert Zarr and Dr Christine Lynne Norton.

To get you started in learning about Forest Therapy, this Friday 5th June we’ll provide a link to an audio track prepared by Dr Robert Zarr, which you’re invited to listen to prior to Tuesday’s early morning Webinar #2. It will be made available to registered attendees on the webinar’s event page. We suggest listening to Robert’s Forest Therapy experience out-of-doors and uninterrupted if possible. If you don’t get to it, never mind, we’ll be listening to the track together on Tuesday.

Webinar #2 is a rare chance to experience Forest Therapy and Adventure Therapy in action, and ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask about these practices.