What next?


First, if you haven’t already completed the Symposium Feedback Survey please do. Your responses will help guide our future work. To access the survey please use the password you were given to access the webinars. Please complete the survey by the 31st July.


If you attended Friday’s whole-day event and noticed some video glitches, you’ll be pleased to know those presentations have now been repaired and like all Symposium recordings, are available for you to watch (or re-watch) at your leisure until 31st July 2020. 

Webinar recordings: https://symposium.outdoorhealthcare.org.au/2020-webinar-series/

If you missed Friday’s final video presentation by Anita Pryor, Ben Knowles and Kylie Peters describing where the outdoor healthcare initiative came from, some work to date, and how to become involved, you can view the full 20 minute video presentation here: https://symposium.outdoorhealthcare.org.au/timetable/event/webinar-5-session-4/.


If you’d like to participate in a fortnightly online Outdoor Health Roundtable to represent your nature-based health modality in a conversation about forming a national body, let us know and we’ll email you an invitation: contact@outdoorhealthcare.org.au

If you’d like to join our research efforts and attend a collaborative online Outdoor Health Research Forum in Sept 2020, let us know and we’ll keep you posted: contact@outdoorhealthcare.org.au


If you’d like to share your work with the sector and the general public, be sure to provide details about your service and practices in the Outdoor Health Service Directory Form. The new directory will be launched on 1st August 2020. The submission form can be found here: https://outdoorhealthcare.org.au/outdoor-healthcare-service-directory-form/


The inaugural “Nature & Health” Online Symposium is now available as a full package of recordings that can be accessed for $20 until 31st July, so shout it from the mountain tops! If you felt inspired, moved or provoked, be sure to share the registration link with your friends, family, colleagues and networks. For $20, they can watch or re-watch any video presentation or webinar at their leisure until 31st July 2020.


We’re super happy to be able to share another amazing video presentation with you who have participated in the inaugural “Nature & Health Online Symposium.

This presentation, called “Microbiomes at Sea” has kindly been put together by Michael Troy, Senior ABC Producer. In this 16 min video, Michael presents his yacht ‘South Winds’ as a metaphor for our guts, and interviews his cousin Professor Anthony Hannan of the Florey Institute on the importance of healthy microbiomes for gut health and mental health.

To receive a link to this thought-provoking video, be sure to include your contact details in the Symposium Feedback Survey.


Pending more information on covid pandemic restrictions in the coming weeks, we are still holding hope to host a real live in-person “Outdoor Health” Symposium on Wednesday 11th November 2020 in Hobart, Tasmania. The purpose of this event will be to come together to start the formation of an Outdoor Health representative body. The timing of this 1-day event is set to precede AABATs Annual National Forum, a 3-day immersion in nature and Indigenous cultural practices planned for 13th – 15th Nov 2020. Please check the Outdoor Healthcare and AABAT websites for updates, or sign up to the Outdoor Healthcare mailing list on the Online Feedback Survey. Fingers crossed these two amazing events can go ahead and we are able to meet in-person…we hope to have an update on this in the next fortnight.

In the meantime, breathe deep, stay well, enjoy watching Symposium reruns, and keep in touch with us in these ways –

WEBSITEwww.outdoorhealthcare.org.au and www.aabat.org.au

FACEBOOKwww.facebook.com/outdoorhealthcare and www.facebook.com/AABATInc